Blog Day 2008: My Favorites

Blog Day

Hi everyone!  Hopefully your blog day is going just as well as mine.  I am writing from a sunny hotel room in Vancouver and my view of the pier could not be better!  To go along with my great view and relaxing vacation, I thought I would share some of my favorite blogs with you:

1. Got Cheeks! – This artist focuses a lot on cartoon and comic inspired art, which happens to appeal to me.  I love how he draws and creates images.  I am hoping to pick up a few prints from him soon!  

2.  Michael Brooks – Michael has a great blog with very concise posts about topics ranging from modern design to web applications.  Michael also happens to be from Regina, Saskatchewan and is one of my best friends!  Check out his site to see a perfect example of how the blogging platform Tumblr can be used.

3. Mercury Grove – Mercury Grove’s tagline is “Naked Development”.  I hope that is a reference to their ideas about how development should be simple and not a reference to their dress code, haha.  This group from Ottawa have great insights into software design and business decisions.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.  

4. Patrick Lor – Patrick Lor became a big name in Calgary after the success of iStockphoto. Now his blog talks about investment advice as well as upcoming events in Calgary.  Patrick is a part of STIRR Calgary and BarCampCalgary.

5. Post Secret and IFoundYourCamera – These last two entries are just for fun.  Post Secret is a site where people can anonymously write postcards with secrets on them. The postcards are then published for everyone to read.  There are some very intense entries along with some very humorous ones.  A must read. 

I found your camera is a blog where people can post the pictures from digital cameras that they find anywhere in the world. The idea is that the owner of the camera can claim the photos and get their camera back.  Cool idea and a fun site.   

Well, I hope that some of my favorite blogs have been interesting.  Happy Blog Day!