Blogging at the CES

The 2008 International CES opens today in Las Vegas with Bill Gates’ keynote address. Paul Kedrosky points out on Infectious Greed that the CES is one of the most closely scrutinized conference thanks to a combination of mainstream media coverage and an army of bloggers.

We have a busload of geeks traveling there together, like it was Woodstock; we have wall-to-wall blog coverage, with seemingly nothing getting plugged into a wall-socket there or getting a WiFi signal without a blogger homing in on it. And, of course, we have Apple ardor. It’s all endless, and even the major media have taken a cue, with reporters filing non-stop missives from the Venetian.

Techvibes won’t have a blogger in attendance but Burnaby headquartered electronics retailer Future Shop and it’s Community Forum will have streaming video and blog updates straight from the show. Product Expert bloggers will be profiling all the cool new products being unveiled at the show and they’ll be live-blogging the opening keynote address by Bill Gates. Sounds almost as good as being there.