Spotlight on the award winning Omnivex moxie

Omnivex Corporation, which specializes in display management software solutions for digital signage was chosen from eight finalist submissions made by independent software developers across the country. The Blue Sky Innovation Awards put the spotlight on Omnivex for the broad market appeal of their product Omnivex Moxie, which is a unique enterprise-level digital signage network management solution.

According to the judging panel,

Moxie won, not only because it is a visually captivating digital communications system for advertisers, but because it is an effective way to inform, persuade, motivate and engage an audience to ensure that the right message reaches the right consumers, in the right place, at the right time. The application of real-time data to make content relevant to the viewer is a unique digital signage feature.

Given the competitive landscape and the emphasis on “content as king,” it’ll be interesting to see the different players that emerge with this focus on multi-dimensional content. I have a feeling that digitally forward companies will be monitoring the consumption of content through very systematic methods of learning and re-learning the benefits of what dynamic content really mean to audiences across all segments and verticals.

For a look at the Moxie demo, click here.