BlueHaze Shares Hazy Concert Experience on the Web

bluehaze logoBlueHaze is a multi-platform community centered around concert-going. Users can find local shows of their favorite artists, what what concerts friends are going to, and share photos, reviews, and setlists. The venture is a spinoff of CTVglobemedia’s MTV Canada group and is based between Toronto and San Francisco. It’s cool to see startups spun out of big media companies, as opposed to just being gobbled by them.

There’s certainly no shortage of competition for BlueHaze, and iLike to name just a couple, but a key differentiator is BlueHaze’s iPhone app. With it, you can view local concert listings based on your GPS location and view and submit concert pictures directly from the phone. A great idea in theory, except that the iPhone’s camera is low resolution, has no zoom, and fails in low light. Your concert photos will look like every other one: blurry bright lights, heads gawking passively, and indistinguishable figures that could be either Hanson or Bad Religion – you wouldn’t know it if it wasn’t labelled. I do like the app, it’s stable and they did a great job on the interface, but it’s core premise only encourages folks to waste their concert experience trying to take photos that inevitably disappoint.

Perhaps the picture-taking functionality could be replaced with a helpful notice: “Put down your phone and enjoy the dang concert”. Leave your social media contributions to tomorrow morning, when the haze has cleared.