Photobook publisher Blurb releases Mobile Media App

blurb mobile appAs technology evolves, so to does the way in which we write and share our stories with each other. These days, it’s just as easy to use our phones to write a story, take a photo, or record a video that can instantly be published. And now, it’s all coming together…

Today San Francisco based Blurb announced in Toronto the release of their new app for writing and sharing new multimedia stories. Traditionally, Blurb has been known for their popular photobooks, but as we become less attached to paper, this content is shifting to online networks where there are new opportunities for sharing and incorporating rich media content. This new product will allow users to create stories that use photos, videos, and/or audio clips and then share them digitally within a personal Blurb channel, or submit them to networks like Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to create and share stories quickly and easily from anywhere.

Users will also be able to do simple media editing, such as rotating, cropping, scaling and drag and drop sequencing, plus geotagging, which can link stories to a specific location. After generating visual content, users can add text or voice captions to each image. Blurb Mobile also offers a number of unique visual themes to create an atmosphere and to further customize each story.

Want to create a story about tonight’s hockey game? A weekend trip to Vancouver island? Or a how-to on cooking tonight’s dinner?

New users can get a free download for their iPhone and register for a free account to instantly create and share stories. Users will have to upgrade to use additional photo capabilities – or to use any kind of video or audio features. All stories can also be made either public or private.