Bodog back, at least in name

Twenty months after losing their domain name in a patent infringement case, Bodog’s exclusive licensee – the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group – has reached a resolution of all litigation relating to 1st Technology’s judgment secured against the Costa Rican Data Entry and Domain Management S.A. (formerly known as Bodog Entertainment Group). The settlement ends a series of lawsuits addressing the alleged use of patents in the 1st Technology portfolio and resolves 1st Technology’s collection efforts.

While the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group was not the judgment debtor, as the exclusive licensee of the Bodog brand and it was in their best interest to facilitate a resolution. is now pointed to the the website that MMGG had been operating since going offline. A quick visit to Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine shows the damage done by this case as the domain has been missing in action since August 27, 2007. Kinda like that Dikshit Calvin Ayre.