Bon Appetit Rouxbe!

Rouxbe LogoWebware continues to point out Cool Web Apps For Everyone and today contributor Elsa Wenzel covered a Vancouver start-up that combines video and fine food. Rouxbe provides step-by-step cooking instruction videos that appeal to everyone for kitchen newbies to top chefs.

Both the content and images in Rouxbe’s ad-free videos are terrific. You can download them for an iPod or at HD-quality to a hard drive. You can rate, bookmark, and print each recipe. Click on an exotic tool or condiment, and Rouxbe explains it and provides the option to make a purchase on Amazon. Nice touches include letting you control the volume separately for narrative instruction and music. The videos aren’t personality-driven, unlike so many cooking shows. There are close up shots of hands chopping and pots boiling instead of chef’s faces.

I’ve talked to quite a few people that have given Rouxbe recipes a shot and all the feedback has been incredibly positive. Bon Appetit Rouxbe!