Bonanzle focused on anything but the ordinary

The sole marketplace presenting at today’s Fast Pitch Forum is Kirkland-based Bonanzle.

Bonanzle is building the first online street fair where buyers can find unique non-generic items and then discuss or haggle with the seller using real time messaging. According to Bonanzle founder Bill Harding, eBay has mastered the sales platform for standard generic items but that is where Bonanzle finds its sweet spot.

In addition to handling non-generic items, Bonanzle adds real-time interactions to the online buying process in hopes of creating a unique synergy that provides the best possible buying experience on the web. Bonanzle’s seller profile includes both hobbyists, micro-businesses, and those un-fulfilled by eBay while buyers are simply in search of unique or non-generic items.

According to Harding, Bonanzle is the second largest eBay alternative with 2 million items for sale. When quizzed on his “no competition” claim, Harding pointed to Etsy as a competitor for handmade items.