Booting up Start-ups in Vancouver

Looks like our list of Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2008 is off to a good start. As rumoured, Boris Mann’s plan for the “next big thing in town to help even more companies get started here” is well underway with the launch of a blog for a new start-up called Bootup Labs. Boris has partnered with Strutta’s Danny Robinson (also on the list) to create what promises to be an innovative business incubator.

What: an incubator, a company that helps startups get started (for now, in the Vancouver area). We culd say kind of like Y-Combinator or sort of like the Founders Fund, just to start getting your head into the right space. We’re not a fund, but we do want to help you quit your day job. The web, mobile, and casual gaming are three of the main areas we’ll be focusing on.

They’ve booted up themselves and leased office space at 375 Water Street in Gastown and have thrown out a blanket invite for anybody to drop by their office to say Hi. Look for them to crowd-source a logo next. Exciting times in the Tech start-up space in Vancouver!