Bootup on getting acquired by Microsoft

Since 2005, Microsoft has acquired an average of 10 companies per year and purchased stakes in several companies valued at over $1 Billion.

On August 12th, the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society is hosting How to be Acquired by Microsoft with special guest Jon Gelsey, Director of Corporate Development at Microsoft.

Techvibes’s Sarah Blue sat in on Gelsey’s presentation last year at the Banff Venture Forum and here’s a snippet of her coverage.

Gelsey thinks that to outsiders, the acquisition process is pretty opaque, so he says the first question to answer is Why would Microsoft need your company? Figure out where Microsoft is going, so you can slot yourself in. Here are some trends:

  • In ten years every OS and application will be “cloudified” – every application will be aware of the elastic, available resources that are in the cloud. He sees these resources as something people can fall back on, like a rental car when you are travelling. Helping with back up and economies of scale.
  • Moore’s law is alive and well – what are the implications of this? Be careful as you are thinking about cost reduction and cost management, as those costs are dropping dramatically.
  • Multitouch and other UI innovations – what can the applications be that support multitouch? Gelsey asks people to let their imaginations run wild with that could look like. What can you do once you have this new UI of gestures?
  • Search will be a utility – search as an application or web service. What if your application has access to search, cheaply and ubiquitously. How would that augment what your application brings to the table?

Once you’ve nailed one of these trends, how does the acquisition process work? First, acquisitions are an analytic process in combination with an aesethic process. How well will that company work with Microsoft? When you put the two teams together, what will that look like?

Interested in learning more about what Microsoft is looking for. Register online and meet Gelsey on August 12th from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Tickets are $45 each and include coffee and snacks.