Bootup’s Summify renames and launches beta – 25 invites available

Bootup Labs‘ ReadFu has smartly renamed itself Summify and this week they went into private beta.

In a nutshell, Summify’s one line of javascript code installed on your website will insert a small magnifying glass icon next to all your hyperlinks. When scrolled over your readers will get a quick summary of the the outgoing link. Unlike a simple thumbnail screenshot, Summify auto-magically summarizes the content of the page in question.

The founders believe that Summify will make increase time spent on your website, improve your site’s mobile experience, and reduce bounce rate while increasing user engagement. We’ve installed Summify on Techvibes to test-drive the product as well as their assumptions.

If you’re interested in trying Summify on your site we’ve got a private beta code for 25 Techvibes readers. Simply enter ‘techvibes’ in the invite code field when registering online.

Summify is a team of talented hackers from Romania that have relocated to Vancouver to be part of Bootup Labs’ January 2010 cohort.