Bored? The Portland tech scene might have something for you to do tonight. Maybe.

So, you don’t have anything planned for tonight? Well thanks to our good friends over at Calagator, you do now.

  • MIT Enterprise Forum: The Future of Enterprise Software45:30pm, OTBC (The Round)

    At OTBC, we’ll be viewing the live video of this Enterprise Forum program. Join President of Oracle Corporation, Mr. Charles Phillips as he discusses, “The Future of Enterprise Software”. Will enterprise software go the way of the buggy whip? We’ve entered Web3.0, where everything is user-centric. But enterprise software continues to thrive. Join thought leaders and rabble rousers as we look into the future of enterprise software, exploring topics such as: – Where is enterprise software really going? – Where are the big opportunities for entrepreneurs? Get more information at the MIT Enterprise Forum site.

  • concrete5 local meeting59pm, Hopworks Urban Brewery

    Concrete5 is an amazing content management system that just went open source last year. The community is taking off and the core developers are here in portland. Come drink a lot of beer and have a lot of fun at a casual get together where we can all let off steam. Don’t bring your Macbook, bring your thirst.

  • Shizzow Developers Meetup5:30pm, Green Dragon Bistro & Brewpub

    Now that the beta verison of the API has been released, you can finally build those Shizzow mobile apps and mashups you’ve been scheming about for the last couple of months. We wanted to make ourselves available every couple of weeks to help you get off to a running start on your new Shizzow-based apps. Meet us at the Green Dragon on Thursday, and we can discuss the API as well as some of the architecture principles behind people, places and shouts on Shizzow.

  • Portland WordPress User Group – 67:30pm, CubeSpace

    This will be the second meeting of the Portland WordPress user group. It will feature Justin Kistner talking about WordPress MU for Communities

  • Open Source Bridge Content Meeting – 79pm, CubeSpace

    Open Source Bridge Conference content committee meeting. Agenda.

Yes, it’s just another boring night. If only there were something to do. Oh well. Maybe next week will be a bit more eventful.