Boris Wertz’s Second Life as an Investor

Great article in BC Business Magazine this month about W Media Ventures‘ Boris Wertz titled Second Life.

In the write up reporter David Jordan looks at Wertz’s path from his native Germany to AbeBooks in Victoria, BC and then his transition from entrepreneur to investor over the past couple years.

At 36, Boris Wertz is the old man on the block. Navigating the hallway inside a heritage Yaletown building toward his fifth-floor offices, you pass nameplates for a handful of young startups: Zefr Media, Idelix Inc., Techvibes Media Inc. Open the door to Wertz’s W Media Ventures and you first see a rented cubicle bearing the name TeamPages. Inside, a couple of 20-somethings in jeans and T-shirts are staring intently at a monitor, plotting strategy for the upstart web developer.
But if he’s a senior citizen in the web space, Wertz is one old man the kids might want to listen to. Before hitting 35 he managed to do what Facebook, Twitter and thousands of other popular websites have yet to accomplish: turn a profit. And since founding his own venture capital company in 2008, he has sought out a handful of startups that are doing the same.

While Techvibes may be a little biased as we are one of the many companies that Wertz has invested in over the years, Wertz is definitely doing his part to jumpstart the tech startup space in Vancouver.

For anybody that has had a chance to pitch Boris on a business idea, you’re probably a little surpised that the BC Business Photographer didn’t capture a shot of Wertz in ‘his office’ at Blenz at Hamilton and Helmcken. Rest assured the photo above was taken during his 30 second commute.