Brad Feld likes Vancouver’s Entrepreneurial Energy

The inaugural event of the the Bootup Labs Entrepreneurial Society took place last night and the Bootup Boys hosted TechStars’ Brad Feld in what they’re referring to as their International Mentorship Program. Despite picking up a cold earlier this week, Feld was a trooper and shared his thoughts on early stage entrepreneurship. He even managed to get a blog post in post event, pre-sleep.

I did another Beers with Brad event tonight in Vancouver.  Danny Robinson and Boris Mann of Bootup Labs pulled it together with some help from their friends and a few sponsors.  150 people showed up to talk about early stage entrepreneurship.

I picked up a cold a few days ago and started feeling crummy around mid-day today.  The energy in the room tonight was a huge lift; even though my voice deteriorated rapidly and was basically gone by the end of the evening, I had a dynamite time with my new Vancouver friends.  Boris promised to put up links to the video along with a summary in a few days; in the mean time you’ll have to make do with the Bootlabs tweets and the event hashtag which, after some debate, settled on #blesfeld.

The team from was their taping Feld’s presentation and Q&A, so look out for the video here in the next couple days. Congrats to Bootup on a great event.

Photo credit: nep