BrainStation Launches Canada’s Longest Full­-Time Web Development Program

For the past two years B​rainStation ​has been focused on building out and offering part­time professional development courses in user interface design, digital marketing, product management, and mobile development.

After acquiring their business late last year, our team here at Konrad Group started to work hand­in hand with them to build out an immersive web development program.​

Today on Techvibes, we are announcing that our first day of class is June 1, and at a price point of $5,500, our program is taking a big step towards making “learning to code” a financially accessible goal for Canadians.

For myself, Geordie, and Hooman, the three founders of Konrad Group, it’s about more than just business. We are three technical co­founders (and great friends) who all learned to code at 10 years old thanks to teachers who just “got it” and who understood how powerful being able to take an idea and bring it to life could be.

When we later launched Konrad Group out of our dorm rooms at the University of Toronto at the age of 19, those skillsets proved invaluable, and kickstarted us on the path to where we are today. It’s hard to thank those prescient teachers enough, but we’re certainly going to try.

BrainStation is the only educational provider in Canada, and potentially the world, teamed up with a full-­spectrum technology, design, and digital strategy consultancy. What this ensures for our students is that our programs will never exclusively rely on full­-time educators who are required to completely remove themselves from the tech landscape in order to teach.

Instead, our curriculum is collaboratively enhanced by over 150 employees across three countries based on what’s actually being used in the real­ world. We’ll be rotating our instructors in and out depending on their areas of expertise from the Toronto community and Konrad Group’s Toronto office at King and Spadina. Our students will be learning in a separate wing of Konrad Group’s beautiful brick and beam office and interacting with full­time developers on a day to day basis. This will provide an experience unlike any other.

We hope that you’ll join us this June for our newly launched F​ull­-Time Web Development Program, and stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about a new youth program, which will push even harder to make these essential skills available and accessible to everyone.