Maximize Your Weekend with One-Day Coding Workshops

On December 31, I promised myself that 2016 would be the year I take the time to learn new skills and better myself personally and professionally.

Yet somehow, without fail, each year seems busier and more hectic than the last, making it increasingly more difficult to carve out time to devote to my resolutions. Sound familiar?

Enter BrainStation Weekend Workshops.

Every industry is experiencing a digital transformation and basic tech knowledge and skills are more in demand than ever. It is important for individuals and businesses to remain up to date with what is trending in business, marketing, design and technology. Developing digital skills (whether it be learning the foundations of web development, digital marketing, UX design, or any other digital skill) will help you to remain relevant, enhance your personal knowledge, and even increase your value as an employee.

BrainStation Weekend Workshops give you the opportunity to do just this. Weekend Workshops are the perfect way to make the most out of your weekend (with little commitment involved) and build a new digital skill.

In as little as one day, learn the fundamentals of a specific tech-related topic in a small, hands-on classroom environment. Each workshop is led by an industry expert, ensuring that you are learning the most up-to-date information from professionals working full-time in the rapidly changing tech world. You’ll also get a catered lunch and the chance to meet and network with like-minded people.

Weekend Workshops are offered at both our Toronto and Vancouver BrainStation campuses every month, in a variety of different topics. And better yet, new topics are being added periodically as demand for each new topic increases. Check out our most recent Weekend Workshop offerings here.

The following Weekend Fundamentals Workshops are currently offered in Toronto and/or Vancouver:

  • In Web Development Fundamentals you will learn the basics of browsers, servers, and how the web works. Learn how to write basic web development languages HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, and understand how to leverage online development resources. You will leave this workshop having built a beautiful responsive multi-view website. Currently offered in Toronto.
  • Take Javascript Fundamentals to further your knowledge of web development and dive into the world of Javascript. Discuss the role of Javascript in web applications and learn JQuery. Leave this workshop having built a responsive web application. Currently offered in Toronto and Vancouver.
  • In our one-day SEO Fundamentals, you will immerse yourself in the life of a Search Engine Marketing Professional and learn the basic best practices of SEO. Complete a full web audit including metric analysis, and develop a set of recommendations built around actual data. Currently offered in Toronto.
  • Explore User Experience Design Fundamentals and learn the principles of guiding design thinking. Learn how to better understand your customers and translate this understanding into seamless online experiences. Leave this workshop having created clickable wireframes and prototypes. Currently offered in Toronto and Vancouver.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of Product Management during our 2 day Product Management Fundamentals workshop. Learn the underlying processes and effective tools used to effectively develop products. Bring your ideas to life as you leverage lean principles to iterate ideas and construct user-centric experiences. Currently offered in Toronto.

BrainStation also offers corporate discounts on Weekend Workshops, making it a great opportunity for a team to build their digital skills together.

Make this your year – increase your productivity on the weekend and pick up a digital skill in as little as one day!