Branding on Any Budget: StickerYou Helps Other Startups Stick

Startups all have a few things in common. A budget is among them.

On a budget, it can be hard to build an environment that doesn’t feel like a handful of people trying to build a product from a couch. Sure, diehards live for that lifestyle, but as infant startups transition to young companies, new employees want to feel like they’re part of something real, something substantial.

Culture can be crafted for free, but the rest costs money.

StickerYou is addressing this is one way. The Toronto-born company is behind an online platform that lets small businesses affordably brand their products and market.

StickerYou is the only online platform in the world where you can upload your own designs or artwork to create completely custom stickers, labels, large format decals, iron-ons, and temporary tattoos, iron-ons. Order your sticky products in any shape, any size and any quantity you wish. StickerYou has no minimum order quantity on most products so you can order the right number of stickers or labels to fit your business and make the most of your budget.

StickerYou believes this opens up possibilities for innovative office environment designs as decals can be created to exact sizes and specifications to fit any type of wall, floor, or window. In the video below, a startup called Parsel starts looking like a real company with some help from StickerYou.



98% of the companies in North America are classified as small businesses, with an average of 180,000 new businesses entering the market each year. With this much competition, “attractive branding and packaging is more important than ever, StickerYou says.

“Creating an office space that resonates a start-up’s brand is vital to creating purpose and inspiration amongst employees”, says CEO Andrew Witkin. “StickerYou is the first online technology that empowers any business to upload or self design their custom die-cut decal ideas quickly and easily – while only paying for what they need.”

StickerYou was founded in 2008.