Company Creation Studio, BrandProject, Launches with $12 Million in Funding

This week, a “company creation studio” launched in Canada and the US.

Powered by $12 million in funding from BDC Venture Capital and others, BrandProject invests in and mentors consumer-focused companies across North America, while also incubating products and brands internally.

Based in Toronto, BrandProject will focus on accelerating growth for consumer technology and consumer product startups.

“BrandProject takes a design-led approach to building consumer products,” said BrandProject CEO Andrew Black. “We look for disruptive ideas to re-shape experiences and capture the public’s imagination across a variety of verticals.”

“BrandProject fills a large gap in the current funding landscape,” added Sarah Prevette, Managing Partner at BrandProject. “There are very few investors actively engaged in consumer packaged goods and fewer still that have a background in the space. Beyond capital, our partners work alongside entrepreneurs—actively investing their extensive operational experience.”