Breaking Down RIM’s BlackBerry App World: 22% of All Paid Apps are on PlayBook

Research In Motion has released some new statistics surrounding its apps. Targeting developers, the Waterloo-based BlackBerry maker breaks down its App World in numbers.


RIM says that its app store is available in “over 160 markets” and supports 26 currencies and 7 languages. The company states that “over 90%” of its 75 million subscribers have access to BlackBerry App World, resulting in “over 6 milliion” apps being downloaded each day.

From November to January, 12% of free apps downloaded an 18% of paid apps downloaded were on devices running BB OS 7.0, according to RIM. About one-third of all apps were dowloaded on OS 6.0. 

Also interesting to note is the percentage of apps downloaded onto RIM’s tablet, the PlayBook. While just 4% of free apps downloaded from the BlackBerry App World went onto PlayBooks, 22% of paid app purchases came from PlayBooks—a very noteworthy difference.