Breaking Silicon Vineyard news: ORIC and OSTEC agree to merger

The respective boards of the Okanagan Research & Innovation Centre (ORIC) and the Okanagan Science and Technology Council (OSTEC) have voted unanimously in favour of merging OSTEC and ORIC into a single organization with the joint mandate of growing and supporting the technology sector in the Okanagan.

In order to facilitate this process, a working group of representatives from both organizations has been established and BCIC Entrepreneur-in-Residence Mark Payne has agreed to take the role of Merger Director supporting the working group and the two organizations through the transition to a new single entity.

Payne is an experienced leader and entrepreneur with a considerable knowledge of both organizations and the wider technology community. Payne will also continue in his role as an Entrepreneur in Residence with the BC Innovation Council (BCIC), further strengthening our partnerships with key provincial bodies.

The new team has already begun the integration process including the alignment of the programs and services of both organizations and things are looking up for the Okanagan technology sector.