Bridgit Hires Chief Technology Officer to Bolster Engineering Team

Kitchener’s Bridgit announced today that Jeff Fedor will be joining the team as Chief Technology Officer.

This significant hire comes on the back of significant growth for Bridgit, including winning several pitch competitions and moving into a new downtown Kitchener office space.

Bridgit is a leader in communication software for construction teams and its cofounders Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake recently won Techvibes’ 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

“The past six months have been about aggressive revenue growth,” says Brodie, Bridgit’s CEO and Cofounder. “Now, we’re ready to scale our engineering operations in the same way, and we’re thrilled to have Jeff leading that charge.”

“I’m really excited to be back in an early stage company,” says Fedor. “It lets me get back into areas I love: data science, machine learning and most of all building teams and products people love.”

“The Bridgit team has given me a huge head-start with an already great team and a product people already love,” he added.