Bring On IslandTech 2007

Tomorrow, Island Tech 2007 takes place at the Victoria Conference Centre in (yes, you guessed it) Victoria, BC. The annual event is a one-day exposition of more than 80 Vancouver Island technology firms and research agencies. VIATeC, the organization behind the event, describes Island Tech as follows:

“Island Tech 2007 celebrates the world-class innovation, research and technology that’s generated on Vancouver Island. It’s a venue for local technology companies and research agencies to meet and show their creations, and a chance for the public, the media, government, students, potential investors and technology workers to discover what’s happening in our thriving technology community.”

Guest speakers will be presenting throughout the day on a variety of topics. Here is the schedule:

  • 11 am: Managing Growth and Globalization in the Green Technology Sector: Carmanah’s Story
    Presented by Richard Chesson, VP of Business Strategy, Carmanah Technologies
  • 1 pm: Find Out About Hot Technology Skills in Demand!
    Human Resources Panel – Featuring, Schneider Electric, Genologics, UVic Co-op, and Camosun Co-op
  • 3 pm: A Proven Process to Increase Corporate Revenues
    Presented by Don Thomson, President, Mardon Marketing

Once again, here are the details of the event:

  1. What: Island Tech 2007
  2. When: Friday November 9th, from 10am until 6pm
  3. Where: Victoria Conference Centre

Check the VIATeC website for further information.