BroadbandTV Hits a Billion Monthly Impressions

This morning BroadbandTV announced it has hit one billion monthly impressions on what has become one of the largest YouTube networks in the world.

The Vancouver-based company also revealed it has amassed a YouTube network of more than 10,000 content partners with 100 million plus subscribers, making it the fourth-largest multichannel network on YouTube in the world. That’s an increase of 2,200 content partners in two months.

The announcement comes just months after the company received an investment of $36 million from RTL Group, Europe’s largest media conglomerate (which owns Fremantle Media and the rights to traditional TV shows like the Idol franchise, Got Talent, and X Factor). That investment marked the largest private placement in a Canadian Internet media company since 2007.

“With growth comes increased competition and we’re looking forward to showing the market how we are different,” says Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO. “Our proprietary technology platform benefits content creators of all sizes and we have a compelling road map of features that we can’t wait to release to make our content creator community even more successful.”

BroadbandTV’s online Multi-Channel Network, or “MCN” line of business, consists of its two brands VISO and TGN. Together, VISO and TGN achieve one billion monthly impressions, from 100 million subscribers from 10,000 content partners.

BroadbandTV’s MCN business runs parallel with the company’s Content Management line of business. The business works with a number of major brands, including the NBA, Discovery, and A&E to provide accurate and scalable content detection and monetization solutions to generate significant revenues from their fan uploaded content.

Rafati was recently named a finalists in Ernst & Young’s 2013 Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year awards.