BroadbandTV Reboots TGN To Move Gamer Network up The Ranks

Yesterday Vancouver’s BroadbandTV (BBTV) announces the rebranding of its major gaming network TGN, The Network where Gamers get BIG on YouTube.

The rebrand sees TGN launch nine new shows on YouTube, two live shows on Twitch, and create over 1,000 new digital assets.

The BBTV team is placing an increased focus on producing premium content and building an engaged and connected gamer community. 

“We know that serious gaming creators are aspirational, they want to be with a network that operates at the highest level, “Shahrzad Rafati, Founder and CEO, BroadbandTV, comments. 

“Our goal is to build the ultimate ecosystem for gamers and we’re making a broad range of investments into the TGN brand, including a key focus on content and higher-end programming. We’re also building a stronger core destination for our community to engage and placing an increased focus on our partner experience team.”

The BBTV team has sharpened its focus on the TGN brand to purely focus on the gamer, differentiating it from competitors that have taken a broader stance on ‘geek culture’ or entertainment content. The goal is to build the ultimate ecosystem for gamers, while continuing to help creators become better at every aspect of the creation and distribution process.

Andrew Wall, Head of Network Development at TGN comments: “We’re creating a bigger tent for gamers at the new TGN.  Historically, we were known as the best network that would give aspiring gamers their start in the business. Now, our successful growth, rich industry knowledge and tightened focus will significantly elevate TGN to becoming the number one brand for the most serious gaming creators.”

BBTV currently operates the third largest Multi-Channel Network (MCN) on YouTube globally. The company achieves over 2.5 billion impressions across its network and boasts over 20,000 partners, cementing BBTV as one of the largest and fastest growing players in the industry.

European entertainment conglomerate RTL invested $36 million in BBTV last summer and BBTV is currently hiring in Vancouver.