Building a Site with Bandzoogle is Paying Off for Bands

I’m sure we’re all involved in some type of a DIY project this long weekend.  And if you’re a band, maybe it’s got something to do with building your own Web site on Bandzoogle.  (Okay, I needed a segue.)  The company just announced that it’s been able to make over $1 million dollars for its bands.  They sell songs and merchandise mostly on specially designed sites that appeal to the artistic bands. The sites also include a music player, event calendar, fan forum, photo gallery, mailing list, and mp3 store. Bandzoogle doesn’t take a cut of any music sales, but it charges a monthly fee for hosting and domain. Founder Chris Vinson, a base player and web designer got the idea

It got to the point i was managing so many sites it was overwhelming. So I made a system that automated it all.

What may be a lesson for these tough economic times and I find interesting is that Bandzoogle has no office. Team members are in Ottawa, Halifax, Massachussetts, Miami, California and Leeds, UK take care of all their business using Skype and Basecamp. Soon, you’ll be able to find more Bandzoogle branded sites out there as well. Recenly branching out to serve other niches, like dog breeders, the brand will launch versions for real estate agents, contractors, and landscapers.  According to the Gazette, they were approached by, but turned-down the $4.5 million offer.