Building an online Empire

Want to build an online empire?  Well, now you can with Empire Avenue.  Empire Avenue is the latest social “game” to hit the interwebs.  And I’m hooked.  And so are hundreds of other users.  But is it really a game or is there something more to this latest “sticky” social media site?  According to their website, Empire Avenue is an online influence stock exchange combined with an advertising platform that allows individuals and organizations to convert their online influence and reach into revenue.  (A way for the user to actually make money?)  

There’s more.  The website continues, “We will be connecting advertisers, consumers and influencers in a manner not as yet undertaken in the online space. Through the Empire Avenue influence stock exchange and its tracking features we will measure the influence value of individuals registered with Empire Avenue.”

Influencers will be given control over the advertising they carry, and advertisers will be better able to reach their target consumer. We believe that this better targeted advertising approach will lead to better returns and leads for advertisers. Empire Avenue sets itself apart not only in its unique feature set, but also by paying influencers the majority of advertising revenue generated unlike other major advertising networks.

In other words, a website that will enable the user to see advertising from their preferred brands while also allowing for the ability to leverage their online influence.


What do you think of Empire Avenue?  Have you signed up? Do you think it will work?

Stay tuned for a feature interview with Empire Avenue’s co-founder and CEO in the next coming days.