Building mobile games has never been easier with SpriteDeck

Everyone wants in on the lucrative mobile app market. Whether you’re developing apps for smartphones or tablets, the mobile app market is exploding these days, and thanks to Ottawa start-up SpriteDeck, getting an app to market could become easier than ever.

SpriteDeck is a drag-and-drop engine for building 2D mobile games that uses the Corona software. It generates animation and file structure, and accepts most standard file formats for imported content.

SpriteDeck resembles Flash software in a lot of ways. Animation can be broken down into scenes, layers, instances, and the user interface is very intuitive and simple. Code can be customized to fit the creator’s whims, allowing great customization.

Another application of SpriteDeck is its comic book-builder. Without writing any code, SpriteDeck can build great looking comic books for mobile devices (although coding can be added to create more interactive works). Again, it is a drag-and-drop system that uses layers and scenes (which correspond to pages) to arrange imported content like backgrounds and characters to build complete comic books.

SpriteDeck is a product of Citrify, an online startup from Ottawa that created free, online photo editing software. SpriteDeck keeps with the company’s motto of “keep it simple and make it fun,” but doesn’t skimp out on functionality. Citrify has said that newer releases of SpriteDeck will be forthcoming with additional features.

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