Building your business with mobile apps at nextMEDIA

John Saydam, the senior web marketing manager for RIM, showed Sunday’s nextMedia delegates how they could leverage mobile to build and extend their business.

RIM’s subscriber grew to 25 million users as of fiscal 2009. That’s a really big platform, and in order to develop applications for the device, certain factors come into play. Besides choosing the appropriate language, you also have to provide a high degree of interactivity, as well as giving the user an “always on” experience. It doesn’t hurt to leverage third party services to extend the capabilities of the application.

But to make a great application “greater” it helps to enabe push services, tie in GPS, allow for wifi use for rich media delivery, and boast robust audio and video support. It’s also important to support native application integration APIs.

An application has to be contextual, in that it knows not only who you are but where you are. It has to be dynamic and update in real-time, and it has to deliver a highly compelling user experience not only through a great interface but by making it as easy as possible for users to get what they want. Saydam called this principle “a maximum of three clicks.”

Once you’ve create the app, you still have to figure out how you’ll send it out to the world. Saydam pointed to Blackberry’s new App World and said you have to address who the app is going to, what regions it’s targeted at, and whether or not it fits into the top categories on the online app store.

Top categories on App World include music, but video apps that allow users to watch TV shows or timeshift using Slingbox are also popular. User generated video apps, such as Qik, are also on the rise.