BumpTop reinvents the desktop in 3D

Some new technologies lend themselves to video demos incredibly well. Toronto’s BumpTop is one such technology.

In 2006, this video about BumpTop became a hit on YouTube. The video showed a physics driven 3D desktop environment with an innovative menu system. A year later BumpTop’s Anand Agarawala presented at TED – the annual invitation-only Technology, Entertainment, Design conference – and that video of his presentation took off as well.

Today, more than two and a half years later, Agarawala and his team are finally ready to open up BumpTop (great example of a social media press release) to the world and once again they’re doing it with video. Check out their launch video tour below:



BumpTop will come in two versions: a free, somewhat restricted version, and a fully-featured ‘pro’ version. If you’re interested in checking it out now, head on over to ReadWriteWeb or Mashable to get one of 400 free pro accounts up for grabs.