Burnaby’s MetroLyrics launches iPhone app and reaches number three with a bullet

MetroLyrics iPhone appIf there’s ever been a bit of music stuck in your head that you couldn’t identify, or if you ever wanted to angrily quote some Nine Inch Nails at an ex-boyfriend, chances are your Google search for the words have lead you to MetroLyics.  The site, headquartered in Burnaby British Columbia, is one of the internet’s best lyric repositories and that has helped it become the third largest music website in the world.  With more than 120 million page views a month it also claims the title of most visited lyrics website and the site most visited by mobile devices in the United States.

Company founder Milun Tesovic is featured in an interview published today over at Under 30 CEO where he outlines the company’s (and his own) future plans thusly:

We have many plans to expand and become a very personalized destination for our audience who have a deep connection to music at MetroLyrics. We’re also focused on providing and bringing lyrics to our users through our soon to be released iPhone app.  As for me, I love what I do and I love watching not just our website grow but our team as well.  I plan to finish school this year and just continue on doing what I’m doing.

The iPhone application hit the app store at the end of May and at $2.99 gives easy access to the MetroLyrics library and ties into the usual social networking suspects so you can broadcast that Neil Diamond turn of phrase to all your friends.