Burnaby’s Shopago.com Gives You Hot Deals from Local Businesses

It seems that mobile shopping apps, discount couponing apps and anthing that can save you money and you can get on your mobile and the Web is good business these days.

One of these new apps is Burnaby-based Shopago.com launched in June of 2009. The app is free for smartphones such as Blackberry and iPhone and it’s basically a virtual flyer. Shopago displays deals, promotions and discounts from both local and national businesses, while users are able to find deals on clothing, electronics, food and much more. Shopago allows users to browse ads by category or search by keyword. Once an ad is clicked on, Shopago displays company contact information and location.

Shopago is also able to plot the store location on the smartphone’s mapping program. Currently, Shopago on the Blackberry is able to filter ads by a location that the user inputs. The current version of Shopago in the iPhone app store doesn’t have this feature yet; however, a new version with the filter has been submitted for approval. The app is available now.