Burstn at the Toronto International Film Festival

Photography past met photography future last night at Caitlin Cronenberg’s Red, a NY Times Canadian Photo Archive preview exhibition hosted by TOROmagazine.comb

Documenting the event live was Toronto tech start-up Burstn, a real-time photo sharing application developed in Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone.

Burstn co-creators Dave Senior and Josh Davey snapped the splashy night away on their mobile phones, creating an instant photo timeline that was simultaneously shared with followers and archived to the web at http://burstn.com/toromagazine.
Here’s how Burstn works: 

Burstn takes mobile phones from camera to distribution centre with zero extra steps for the budding photographer. At the moment of capture photos are automatically distributed to the user’s subscribed followers via their mobile devices, complete with GPS location information of where they were shot. At the same time they can be shared via Facebook and Twitter while they are uploaded to the user’s own Burstn URL.