Business Cards Are Not Dead; They’re Just Evolving

Contrary to popular belief, the business card is far from dead, according to one company.

If a new survey of more than 1,000 businesses in North America is to be believed, 87% of us still hand out business cards when they meet new contacts, suggesting the internet has had a negligible impact on the age-old tradition.

In fact, says DesignCrowd, the company behind the survey, “the humble business card is taking on a new lease of life; evolving in design and style, embracing new technologies and fulfilling a need for the wave of startups and entrepreneurs flooding the market place.”

Those receiving business cards are still finding them useful, with 67% either immediately entering the details into their smartphone or placing the card in a rolodex, according to the survey. DesignCrowd saw a 357% increase in business card design projects in 2013 alone.

“Business card design crowdsourcing is one of the fastest growing categories on DesignCrowd. While many are taking their business to the digital level, business cards remain an important marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs,” explains Alec Lynch, founder and CEO of DesignCrowd.

“Aspiring entrepreneurs can now launch a business idea with a laptop and a credit card in just a few days. You can crowdsource design ideas overnight and get your business card design printed and your website hosted and up and running for a few hundred dollars in just a few days,” he added.

According to Lynch, design is evolving rapidly: business cards no longer just have a job title, phone number, address and email. More are including their website, Twitter handle and even QR code.