Buy ethical, remain cheap: A ‘Green Groupon’ launches in Vancouver and Victoria

ethicalRiding both the coattail of the successful Groupon and the rising wave of popularity in “living green,” Vancouver social entrepreneur Annalea Kreb has launched ethicalDeal, a “green Groupon.”

EthicalDeal empowers consumers with savings of up to 90% on local, socially conscious products of all sorts. 

“We wanted to give consumers extra incentive to buy from local, sustainable companies, and also raise the profile of companies offering green products and services,” said Annalea. She says some consumers resist buying ethical products for several reasons, the mains one being because they’re too expensive, the quality is questionable, consumers can’t find them, or consumers don’t know who to trust. With ethicalDeal, these factors are terminated.

Like Groupon, ethicalDeal follows a day-of-the-deal format, and will launch in Vancouver and Victoria.

“This site is for anyone who wants to help build the green economy,” Annalea says.

Will you use ethicalDeal?