Buzz, Mnubo Partner to Power Internet of Connected Brands

Buzz Connect, makers of connected products, have partnered with Montreal’s mnubo, an IoT data analytics company, to deliver advanced analytics and data-driven services.

Buzz’s core value focuses on innovative product design, brand-centric digital platforms and an ideation-to-delivery process. This is complemented by mnubo’s expertise in extracting business value from IoT data, the company says, by providing product feedback, behaviour patterns and trends, and predictive usage analysis.

Putting the partnership in practice, Buzz has built a smart beer fridge, LinqIQ, which uses the Electric Imp connectivity platform, and leverages mnubo’s SmartObjects platform for advanced IoT analytics.

“For the first time leading connected brands will gain 360-degree insights on how their media campaigns and marketing strategies impact real-time usage and engagement,” said Slade Sherman, Head of Buzz Digital. “Mnubo’s purpose-built IoT analytics service will empower connected product manufacturers with a strategic decision-making engine.”

“Brands are now able to build and enhance a dynamic, two-way relationship with their customers fostering deeper engagement, cultivating loyalty and driving incremental revenues,” stated Frederic Bastien, CEO of mnubo. “Our partnership provides connected brands a clear path to monetize their data assets.”