BVF08: Psyko Killer Sounds

Head Psyko James Hildebrandt of Calgary`s Psyko Audio Labs was next up with his pitch for killer headphones that give gamers an unfair advantage. Psyko Audio Labs is developing headphones for computer and console gamers. The technology delivers highly accurate directional audio so that you know instantly where every sound comes from and lets you react faster and improves your game performance.

Hildebrandt stresses that the market opportunity for Psyko headphones is huge with over 100 million gaming systems in homes around the world that are all potential plug & play customers. Hildebrandt compared marketing to the gaming community to “shooting fish in a barrel” – gamers hang out with gamers and they’re easy to find at gaming conferences and competitions.

Psyko Audio Labs is seeking $2 Million for tooling and production, packaging, and sales & marketing.