BVF08: Shopster – What are you selling?

I’m settled into the back of the IT Stream presentation hall at the Banff Venture Forum and Calgary-based Shopster is up first. I’ll cover the presenting start-ups over the next two days that I think our readers will find of interest.

Shopster CEO & Founder Sarath Samarasekera presented a concise pitch outlining Shopster’s success to date and needs to future expansion. The premise behind Shopster is simple: provide a way for anyone to open an online store. Shopster’s web-based ASP platform handles everything you’d normally expect from a turn-key shopping site solution. Shopster gives e-commerce dreamers the tools to build a state-of-the-art e-commerce store in 30 minutes (the record to date for store set-up to first sale is six and a half minutes). Most importantly, Shopster clients have access to a virtual warehouse of over 1,000,000 products and drop-shipping services that allows e-tailers to keep their garages and basements free of inventory.

Shopster is seeking $5 Million in expansion capital.