AdHacking at the Banff Venture Forum

AdHack‘s James Sherrett got a dreaded post-lunch time slot at the Banff Venture Forum this afternoon. Not a problem – his energetic presentation was laden with sample ads that were created on the AdHack platorm (including a Techvibes print ad) and kept the audience’s attention.

AdHack is people-powered advertising. Anyone can create an ad. Anyone can buy an ad. Like eBay for advertising, AdHack creates a community and marketplace for ads. We connect ad buyers and ad creators and help them both win.

AdHack is meant to be disruptive. They plan to turn the advertising industry on its head by giving small and medium-sized businesses access to top-notch advertising creative & talent without the slow delivery and high costs of traditional advertising agencies. I can testify to the value – the print ad we had created on AdHack cost a fraction of what graphic designers quoted us and was delivered by my deadline.

AdHack has a $1 Million seed round planned for Q1 of 2009.