BVF08: Business Infusions targets booming Pet Market

Unfortunately the audience at the Banff Venture Forum today was light on veterinarians today but that didn’t stop Scott Pickard, President & CEO of Business Infusions, from pitching his niche enterprise software solution. Business Infusions’ Hospital & Veterinarian Management System (HVMS) is a platform specifically tailored for unique requirements of large veterinary hospitals and practices. With the pet market booming in North America, VC ears perked up.

With proven business processes at its core, HVMS is designed to assist animal care professionals in delivering exceptional customer service while achieving operational excellence and improved profits. HVMS has infused some of North America’s most respected veterinary hospitals and clinics with improved efficiency, superior client care and higher profits.

Business Infusions’ vet practice management tools promise improved profitabilty through the capture of missed billings (an estimated 20% of veterinarians hours aren’t billed) and limiting pharmaceutical leakage (horse pills can be expensive).

Calgary-based Business Infusions is looking for $1.2 Million in exchange for 30% of the company and will push all the proceeds into marketing their proven platform.