BVF08: MoboVivo – take TV with you

Calgary’s MoboVivo Inc. is a mobile educational, entertainment and lifestyle distribution company using the latest technology to reach the iPod generation. MoboVivo is the first company to offer paid downloads of TV shows in Canada and, according to CEO Trevor Doerksen, is one of the most popular iPhone television content providers in the world.

Since 2005, MoboVivo has been licencing television programming to distribute on mobile devices and is currently working with content partners such as CBC and Rogers. TV programs are distributed through the MoboVivo webstore and the iTunes Video Store and revenue is split with the content provider. Popular titles includes This is Daniel Cook, the Namaste Yoga series and Ed’s Up with the Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson.

Doerksen has already raised $1 Million of a planned $2.1 Million initial round with proceeds earmarked for licensing of content, continued development of the technology, and expansion of marketing.