BVF08: Myotis Wireless predicts Wii trouble

Calgary’s Myotis Wireless (no website… but they’re named after the bat that uses chirps as sonar) kicked off the Friday morning slate of IT Stream presentations with their pitch for $2-3 Million to launch the 1st generation of their high performance radios. Myotis builds radios for use in industrial, military and consumer applications and distinguishes themselves from competitors based on three significant upgrades. Their radios consume very little power, are unjammbale, and can be located without using GPS.

Myotis President Richard May outlined some key applications where he sees a market opportunity for his devices. On the consumer side, May predicted that the “Nintendo Wii will hit a wall” thanks to family room interference from cordless phones, wireless laptops, and microwave ovens and that Myotis could build the next generation wireless controller for the Wii.

Myotis’ unjammable claims make it the ideal solution for mobile troops in Iraq and Afganistan trying to avoid improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that are commonly triggered wirelessly. Unjammable radios will allow troops to continue using their own jamming techniques to diffuse dangerous situations while not jamming their own devices.

May recognized that there is huge competition (Texas Instruments, Motorola, etc.) in the wireless radio space but maintains that competitors big and small are still using old technology.