ByteClub Needs Sponsors, Plus Last Episode Featuring Octopz

After producing 17 great shows profiling Toronto’s startups and tech happenings, ByteClub, now part of LifeforceTV, is unfortunately coming to a close (at least until they find a sponsor). This has been my favorite tech show of late as they seem to have gotten the format “just right”. Unlike Robert Scoble’s extremely detail-driven interviews with founders of tech startups, which often became hard to follow, ByteClub took a lighter approach. It visited the startups in their own offices, presented some basic facts about them and featured short, candid interviews with the founders/employees, and packed all of this in an extremely watchable 5 minutes of high production value – result being that almost anyone – from potential employees, partners, customers or even someone with just a passing interest, could quickly understand what that startup was all about.

It is sad to see such a nicely-done, local tech show like this come to an end so soon. If you are interested in sponsoring ByteClub, please get in touch with Kristan Uccello at Meanwhile, ByteClub’s last episode features Octopz, a Toronto-based startup which develops and markets an online collaboration software. Octopz won the Canadian Innovation Leader award at CIX last year and has been named “One Of The Top 10 Canadian Web 2.0 Companies To Watch” by IDC. Check out the video: