ByteClub’s Behind The Scenes Look at b5media

I’ve been thinking recently about whats the best way to profile start-ups. A brief write-up which talks about the start-up’s product, its competitive space and some other regular questions will give you a fairly good idea of what that start-up is all about. But the most exciting thing about a start-up is the sheer energy in the office amongst the people behind it. That is where the real action is; and that can’t be communicated by words alone. It has to be seen to experience the true nature of that start-up. Video profiles seem like the perfect way to communicate that and we have seen various bloggers, most notably Scoble, try to do that over the years.

I came across a very good example of this recently though in this awesome profile of b5media, one of Toronto’s most prolific start-ups, done by a newly launched service called Check it out: