ByteClub’s Behind The Scenes Look At Learnhub is a new online show which has been profiling Toronto-based startups. They have produced 14 episodes so far, covering local startups like b5media, Clear Sky Media (, among others. Their videos are short (about 5 minutes in length) and feature candid interviews with the founders and other employees of the startup they visit, providing a great insight into that startup’s culture.

Their latest episode features Learnhub, which is a “social learning network” primarily targeted towards high school and university students in India looking to study in the US, UK, etc. It was launched by Savvica, founded by the husband-wife team of John Philip and Malgosia Green, who moved to Toronto from San Francisco to start this venture. As John mentions in this video, they have their development office based in Toronto, while marketing to an Indian audience!

Savvica is one of the few venture-backed startups in Toronto, and its founders have been an active member of the local startup community, having initiated and hosted Founder’s Lunch to enable entrepreneurs to network with each other. Check out the ByteClub video: