C100 Selects Startups for Next 48 Hours in Valley

The C100 has announced its December cohort for 48 Hours In The Valley.

Each year, The C100 invites 20 of Canadian startups for 48 hours of access to Silicon Valley. In the Valley, the selected startups are mentored by entrepreneurs, taught by influential minds, and introduced to American investors.

“The C100 provides the selected Canadian startups exclusive access to its rich network of extremely successful Canadian Ex-pats who will ensure that the startups receive all of the necessary tools they need to build a world-class organization,” says executive director Joanne Fedeyko.

“At a time when Canada is making a greater impact than ever before with massive billion-dollar valuations, IPOs, and game-changing companies, 48 Hours in the Valley allows us to help build the world’s next wave of Canada’s elite startups.”

The selected startups are:

48 Hours in the Valley will be held December 8th and 9th in San Francisco and Palo Alto.