Calgary Airport integrates Facebook Connect for Wireless’s Nick O’Neill picked up on a interesting development at the Calgary Airport yesterday.

This afternoon I read a tweet from Sam Lessin who was authenticated for wireless internet access at the Calgary airport by using Facebook Connect. Most often we think of using Facebook Connect for adding social features to websites but this application of Facebook Connect was used for basic authentication purposes.

I could imagine stopping through an airport in some random location and using Facebook Connect to determine that one of my friends are at the same airport. Sam didn’t specify if this integration added any social features but the concept is an interesting one. In virtual worlds there is often the concept of leaving a digital artifact behind to mark that you’ve been to that location.

Last November, I blogged about the wireless availability in Toronto and Vancouver airports in a post titled WiFi: YVR versus YYZ. It looks like the Calgary Airport Authority has outdone them both by implementing Facebook Connect on top of their already free wireless network.

Screenshot by Sam Lessin