Calgary bus driver filmed playing games and snapping pics with his iPhone while at the wheel [Video]

A passenger on a Greyhound bus use his smartphone camera to record the bus driver using his own smartphone will driving.

The passenger said he watched the bus driver use his smartphone for “at least 10 minutes” before filming, and he was sleeping before, so he doesn’t know “how long or how often the driver was messing with his phone throughout the trip.” 

“I observed him he read txt messages [sic], flipped through photos, flipped through the settings and configuration of his camera, and snapped a dozen or so pictures of the sunrise out the East window — gently swerving over the lines the entire time,”  wrote in the video’s YouTube description.

David did not confront the driver on the trip but afterward tried to reach the driver to speak with him in private. He tried to contact the driver directly before posting the video online but was met by the obstacle of belligerent staff that would not let him speak to the driver, stating that the receptionist said the manager told her to hang up on him and claims his number was blocked.

A spokewoman for Greyhound said yesterday that the company has a zero-tolerance policy for texting and driving.

“This is a definite breach of policy and something we take very seriously,” the spokesperson told CBC. The driver could face disciplinary action.