Calgary to Host International Symposium on Big Data

The University of Calgary is hosting BIDMA, the first International Symposium on Big Data Management and Analytics on April 25-26.

Based on a successful data analytics workshop held last year, the organizers at the University of Calgary have decided to expand the event into a symposium which will also focus further on the importance of Big Data in business.

Cloud computing and Big Data have become increasingly present in our everyday lives, which is a revolution that no one understands better than the technology and startup community.

“People who work in this industry are generally on the cutting-edge of knowledge,” said Dr. Mohammad Moshirpour, one of the event organizers and the IEEE Southern Alberta Section Computer Chapter Chair. “This is a rare area where researchers and those working in the industry and very much on the same level, which is not always the case.”

BIDMA 2016 will bring international experts from academia and industry to discuss the latest technologies, effective methods, and the increasing demands in Big Data. There are three tracks in this year’s symposium: Academic, Industry, and Thesis. The Industry track aims to establish engagement between Big Data practitioners, researchers, and professionals.

“We would like to encourage collaboration between academia and industry, especially since it’s so relevant in this area,” said Dr. Moshirpour. “The industry has a lot of data and academia has a lot of experts. It would lead to a lot more efficient solutions for the industry and the ability to continue research for academia.”

Dr. Moshirpour, who is the Industry Chair for the research-based conference, said that he has received research paper submissions from data science and data analytics professionals across different industries such as finance, oil and gas, transportation, and human resources.

“Different industries are using data analytics because they understand the value of data,” said Dr. Moshirpour. “They’re always looking at the next, the best, and the quickest thing, the most efficient way, and the most comprehensive way to extract information from that data.”

The two-day conference will also feature keynote speakers including Dr. Kristin M. Tolle, Director of the Data Science Initiative in Microsoft Research Outreach, and Dr. Sean D. Kristjansson, Research Advisor – Data Analytics at Pason Systems.

The technical symposium will also feature presentations, demonstrations, tutorials, and networking opportunities for attendees.