Calgary’s Above Border Launches Mobile App for Business Travellers

Calgary-based Above Border has announced the debut of their new smartphone app for business travellers.  Available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, the app “automatically tracks days spent in countries traveled for tax and compliance issues.”

“Frequent international travelers now have an accurate and easy to use tool to keep track of the number of days spent in various countries during their travels,” Stephen Kenny, President and Founder of Above Border, said. “Given the bad economy, countries around the world are enforcing visitation rules more now than ever before. Failing to comply with these rules can result in increased taxes, fines and entry denial.”  

Above Border sits in the background on the traveller’s smartphone periodically checking in and recording their country location. The app provides reporting on the amount of days spent in countries visited and calculates the USA Substantial Presence Test automatically, a critical tax test for frequent travellers to the USA such as snowbirds and business travellers.

Historical information can also be entered directly into the APP allowing the traveller to have complete information and all data is encrypted and backed up to Above Border servers ensuring the travellers data is secure and always available should they change Smartphones.