Calgary’s Cardinal Media Technologies collabs with Toronto band to launch iPhone app

Toronto band Times Neue Roman, whose genre is self-described as “rap deco,” otherwise called “nintendo-punk-rap,” has launched a new app for the iPhone titled Talking Sporty.

TNR collaborated with Calgary’s Cardinal Media Technologies to develop the app, which allows fans to stream the band’s music and communicate with band members Arowbe (Robert Bolton) and Alexander The via social networks. TNR connected with Cardinal at the Banff NEXTmedia festival last June.

Says Arowbe, “I’m really pumped to be working with Cardinal and all of these gripping visual artists right now. The app is going to be a new way for us to stay up with our fans and lovers, and release new material.”

Christian MacLean, Cardinal CEO, adds, “We have a huge passionate for music and technology, and launching an entire album as a remixed iPhone app is something we’ve never seen done before. We’re excited to continue exploring this concept!”

Download Talking Sporty from iTunes here.